With the business group now fighting against trial lawyers, Inc’s longtime grip on state judiciaries, the litigation lobby has turned its attention to state legislature, where it is not only blocking tort reforms but working to expand its portfolio of litigation opportunities. Among other things, state legislators are authorizing new kind of lawsuits, raising damage caps, and giving private authority to sue on behalf of the state. Of course the growth in federal regulation and law has made it necessary for Trial lawyers, Inc., to Lobby Congress as well.

Litigation industry wants Legal war

Now that IAM, and Watch troll, are lobbying trump and trying to overthrow USPTO director Lee, so as to install crook. It’s not hard to see why. These pools are designed to exclude small players and support /enforce an oligopoly. Watch troll, in the meantime, citing the US chamber of commerce which attacks India for disallowing patents on software , complaints about improvements in patent quality in US . Joining him are usual people. For instance John Harris, who said,”USA continues to take a step backwards due to variety of self inflicted wounds in patent system.

Cui Bono? Certainly not scientist

So litigation industry wants no legal wars. No surprise there,”that’s actually forward,”Benjamin Henrion corrected him, “depending on which side you are.” Here in Europe we have similar problems because Battistelli demolishes patent quality whilst EPO management and team UPC are lobbying aggressively for UPC. Cuo Bono? Certainly not scientist. They would be the ones to lose money to a bunch of non producing parasites.

Powerful forces pressuring

The only interest group in Britain  which  say interest in the UK acceding to the UP (Unitary Patent) are law firms , “ this news comment says ,” British law firms which are just the post office of American and some Asian applicant will be marginalized if they will not be eligible to present before the UPC . Due to high cost of litigation in the UK and by consequence the low number of court cases they have basically no real court experience and they won’t get it before the UPC. To a very small extent Irish firms will take over, and German lawyers will take the win”. It is important to recognize that progress and innovation are not on the agenda of every occupation. There are powerful forces pressuring and sometimes even bribing politicians to turn their back on reason. That’s a slap on the face of

[patent examiners who practice and study science.