On 17th August 2010, FICCI has once again reiterated its commitment to empower Indian business by establishing much desired IPR Facilitation Centre in association with the Ministry of Micro – small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to offer quality service such as Patents, Trademarks, Design and Copyrights. It will also provide services related to Patent drafting, Patent prosecution, Facilitation in commercializing of inventions, Trademark prosecution matters and many more.

Inaugural Function was addressed by Shri Dharmendra Prakash, Joint Development Commissioner, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and Government of India. Guest Mr. Anil Kumar, Deputy Director, Ministry of Micro, small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India lead the conference by focusing importance of MSME work as backbone in industries of any country and are also the driving force of innovation. Many MSME’s and individual inventors are not able to protect their innovations and intellectual assets due to several constrains. Many Scientists , SMEs representatives expressed views about problems faced in SME registration . Miss Cheshta Sharma, Patent Agent at Mabbit iam also expressed her concerns about it.

Further discussion was continued by one more Guest presented there Shri Madahav Lal, Additional and Development Commissioner Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Government of India by discussing about contribution of MSME to India’s Economic growth and tremendous development. The contribution of MSME’s sector to the country’s GDP is 9% and it’s very low as comparison with giant branded industries but the MSME’s sector still shown consistent growth and its more than 6000 products in various segments. India has full of knowledge driven economy and it’s very important to protect one’s intellectual assets as it provides a competitive advantage, especially in the current economy scenario.

Finally discussion was concluded by Ms. Bishakha Bhattacharya, Director FICCI by having glimpse on latest annual report released from patent office in which approximately 16% of the MSME’s share has been filed as patent application and its really shocking that’s the reason FICCI has taken up the task of assisting the MSME’s in the properly protection and leveraging their intellectual assts by opening a much desired IPR facilitation Centre.