last semester? become patent professionalYou have many good reasons to wait till your end semester exams and then apply for fresh jobs. Instead you can appear for interview now and get joining date after your exams get over. Also, as you must be trudging through the tedious process of sending out applications and racking up interviews during your job hunt, a professional mentoring can help you sit for right job interview.

Of course, you don’t want to wait until 2020. You want your job ready to go by graduation day! If your graduation day is in sight, take these six easy steps to get your career rolling before you say good bye to college friends.

Get free professional counselling

End semester pressure can be demanding. At this time, selecting the right career path is important. First job you choose will shape your entire career. So it is important to make decision intelligently. Professional mentoring can be helpful as it can give you new perspective and let you understand current industry trends and demands. You can book for free counselling here.

Build correct resume

Generally colleges fail to give you education on how to write resume and distribute to HR of various companies. End semester is the right time to build correct resume and start building professional profile.

Get job in your specialty area

With increasing competition, it has become lot more difficult to find job in your specialty and interest area. Obviously you don’t want job in marketing or sales.

Working in IP industry can give you opportunity to work in your core field and you can help big companies create innovative products for customers. As IP Professional you sit in your cabin, work on patent database software and prepare reports for your clients.

As as IP industry is new and increasing we have fresh job openings every day.

Get office 9-6 day job

If you choose to work in marketing, it will need you to travel and work in field. As compare to marketing, IP Professionals have office job. kingoappThey can work in varied technological companies, research organizations, law firms etc. Office timings is 9 -6 with five days working.

Start freelancing as patent researcher.

Once you acquire patent searching skills, freelance hustle can help bring in cash. As a college student, you’re already an expert at managing your classes alongside extracurricular activities, sports, maybe a part-time job or volunteer gig, and of course friends, family, parties and relationships.

That means you already have the skills to manage the freelance hustle.

Get internship in reputed company

Not getting into good company during college placement can be pain. Applying for internship with right resume can give you start.

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