KPO industries focus on technical qualifications and skills rather than communication skill and command over English language alone. BPO industry, only communication skill can push a candidate but KPO needs people with sharp mind form different technical backgrounds. Educational qualification with proficiency matters a lot in KPO as the work involves specialized knowledge of the area. Candidates form diverse backgrounds and streams can apply for the KPO’s.
The future of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) business in India presents an encouraging picture to rejoice for everybody in the country. Not only the scope of business opportunities shall give endless area for businesses to explore but also shall create lacs of jobs for the large amount of the talented and skilled workforce of engineers, MBAs, doctors, lawers and other professionals having skill in the core areas and computer knowledge.
KPO industry is one of the lucrative place to work if a person has a zeal to learn and having problem solving skills and work in time, bound project and commitment and positive attitude. In a KPO industry a candidate can earn good salary depending upon the performance and domain of the work.

Skills required for the KPO:
• Computer Proficiency
• Excellent skills in searching and retrieving data form the Internet.
• Analytical skills for analyzing data and generating reports.
• Resource usage for information search.
• Theoretical and conceptualization knowledge.
• Good communication ability.
• Strong command over English language.
• Enunciability ability.
• Interpersonal skills like listening, questioning, and intonating.
• Some jobs specific skills like writing ability, analyzing raw data, report creation etc.
• Self- driven, result oriented, team player.
• Strategic orientation and thinking ability.

Engineering students can join KPO jobs, for doing BPO and KPO jobs communication skills and technical knowledge is very important and both these characteristics will be available in students. So they are apt for these jobs, more over career growth is more in this sector too. Environment is also nice, anyone can enjoy their work and reach their goals if they really work hard. The basic requirements in a KPO are much higher when compared with a BPO. For instance, the usual functions associated with a BPO are data entry, processing, department outsourcing, technical support and customer support.

However, a KPO operates on the following: Research & Development, ; Financial Consultancy and Services; Advanced Web Applications; Business and Technical Analysis; Learning Solutions; Animation and Design; Business and Market Research; Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology; Medical Services; Writing and Content Development; Legal Services; Intellectual Property (IP) Research; Data Analytics; Network Management; and Training and Consultancy.

Thus, to join a KPO, you need to have the relevant skill set and knowledge. Choosing a career with a BPO or a KPO is the right choice for students who prefer challenges on the work front. Owing to long hours of work that you would be putting in, you should be ready to face a lot of work pressure. Similarly, as it is a job with odd timings you should be willing to let go of your routine. Growth in a BPO is much faster compared with other industries.
Several top-notch companies in the field of publications, IT, Knowledge management and financial and legal services continue to outsource work to Asian countries as the value of labour is less in these countries. This has opened up a wide array of opportunities for youngsters who shift to cities from rural areas. This has further helped youth to think from an economical perspective and economically support their familie