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Patent engineers help clients secure and protect patents, which are ownership rights to scientific ideas. A patent engineer works closely with a company’s or law firm’s patent attorney and examines the patentability of new ideas. Patent applications must be prepared, drafted, and filed.

A patent engineer is someone who:
• Recognizes outdated technologies that are already well-known to the general public.
• Thoroughly draught the application.
• Provides documentation for the application
• Convinces the patent office to issue a patent.
• Recognizes a financial asset
• Product anti-counterfeiting and anti-fake protection

Who Can Become A Patent Engineer?

Anyone who have a science/engineering degree from any University or College that is affiliated by Indian Government can become a patent engineer.

Role of Patent Engineer in a firm

1. Understanding client

Application drafting is impossible without meeting and understanding the client’s invention. The Patent Engineer performs this task as he is supposed to draft the application.

2. Creating Application:

Indian patent law restricts the patentability of certain inventions like software, business methods etc. Application should be drafted according to those rules.

3. Managing Complete Team:

This professional generally manages Patents department. Main duties are:

  • Designating different steps of prosecution to right team
  • Keeping check on completion of activities

4. Coordination With Rest Of The Team:

Patent Engineer studies trends of the current market. For proper functioning of several departments, Analysis report generated by patent engineer is important.

The following are the primary responsibilities

  • Assist innovators and R&D with all aspects of the patent process, including researching related discoveries and patents.

  • Write patent applications with the goal of anticipating the patent examiner’s inquiries and objections.

  • Prepare responses to patent examiner findings and make sure that application and renewal deadlines are met.

  • Assist in litigation and provide advice to overseas attorneys on foreign patent applications

  • When a patent is sold or transferred, you must deal with patent assignments.

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