It was originally believed the XS nameplate would be used for the British automaker’s BMW 3 Series rival, but as we now know, that’s the Jaguar XE.
Although there are no hints as to what the Jaguar XS would be, it’s possible the company is working on an even larger model than the existing XJ. There have been rumors the automaker wanted to kill off its current range-topping XJ, but most recently, it was reported Jaguar has greenlit a project to reinvent the XJ has an “indulgent, super-luxury” car and another possibility is Jaguar plans on renaming it to the XS.

The replacement for the current Jaguar XJ is expected to arrive in 2019, but expect a concept to debut by next year previewing the new range-topping sedan. We’ll have to wait and see if Jaguar has something else up its sleeves, or if the XJ name is going to give way to the XS nameplate.
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