U.S. The patent and trademark office officially published a series of 54 newly formed patents for Apple Inc. In this special report we cover patents for Siri with a new iPhone Dock, and the determination of another iPhone shows that a driver has left his vehicle and automatically disconnects from the carplay and on full functionality Returns. Even today Apple has won six design patents and we are related to two of those earphones and iPads.

Newly Granted patents of Apple

Apple’s recently introduced patents included their invention related to a smart dock to communicate with a portable electronic device to activate voice recognition mode.

Patent no.-US9711160

A dock for a portable electronic device including a housing, a connector extending from the housing to connect the portable electronic device to the dock, a microphone integrated within the housing, and a processor. The processor is operatively coupled to receive audio input from the microphone, and in response to the audio input, transmit a message to the portable electronic device via the connector to activate a voice recognition mode of the portable electronic device.

Patent no.-US 9712977

Methods and mobile devices determine an exit from a vehicle. Sensors of a mobile device can be used to determine when the user is in a vehicle that is driving. The same or different sensors can be used to identify a disturbance (e.g., loss of communication connection from mobile device to a car computer). After the disturbance, an exit confidence score can be determined at various times, and compared to a threshold. A determination of the exit of the user can be determined based on the comparison of the exit confidence score to the threshold. The mobile device can perform one or more functions in response to the exit confidence score exceeding the threshold, such as changing a user interface e.g., of a navigation app) or obtaining a location to designate a parking location.