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For years, IIPTA has been helping world leading organizations and IAM law firms with critical patent information. Corporations across the globe have betted billions of dollars relying on IIPTA patent search reports and recommendations and we have never let them down. Our reports have been successfully cited in critical litigation matters in court of law and have been a routine occurance in board room meetings for critical decisions.
IIPTA has been pioneer in combining multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary manpower with its unique collaborative search methodologies that ensures patent as well as non-patent information is always accurate and complete.

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Our Services


Patentability Search

A Novelty Search or Patentability Search is conducted in the early stages of Research & Development. This search is conducted when an inventor is interested in applying for a patent, and wants to determine whether a similar or identical invention already exists.


IPR Services

To identify white space for decision making around R&D or IP monetization, we employ a proven patent mapping/ landscaping solution as part of our IP Analytics. IIPTA’s technology analysis service will monitor your competitors


Validity Search

A validity search is a search that is determined by the selected claims of an issued patent. Validity searches might be required for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the validity of a patent is brought up during litigation.


Freedom To Operate Search

Freedom To Operate or FTO, as the name suggests is done to check that when we are testing or commercializing our product in the market, we are doing it without infringing the intellectual rights of others. It identifies patents with claims that cover the entire technology.


Patent Infringement Search

An infringement search takes it to the broader perspective and attempts to determine where you could legally market your product. It is only concerned with the enforceable patents and excludes Expired patents


Patent Claim Charting & Claim Mapping

Claim chart are used to depict the real world product or service that is infringing your patent claim. The depth of claim-chart can be dependent on how it will be used.


Chemical Structure Search

Chemical structure search involves finding a specific spatial arrangement of molecules in the patent or non-patent document. Our team of pharmaceutical experts and chemical engineers


Biological Sequence Search

With the rapid growth in biotechnology space, organizations are filing patents at a faster clip. Bio-sequence search involves finding a specific arrangement of sequences in the patent or non-patent document.


We can help you maximize the performance of an existing practice.

What do we need from you?

  • Technology or product description.
  • A clear definition of the features or sub-components that require clearance.
  • Novel structure, compounds and/or compositions.
  • Scope of the search.
  • List of known competitors practicing in that area of technology (if possible).

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