IP Paralegal Services

Our Paralegal Services are designed and managed by practicing attorneys. Our knowledgeable staff and tools provide you with high quality results and fast turnaround times.

The prosecution of patents and trademarks for your IP, including designs, is a labor-intensive process involving docketing, proofreading, IDS, patent illustrations, and more.

Our on-shore and off-shore IP operations team will help you efficiently manage your terminal assets, meeting all deadlines and making sure all filings are correct.

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Our Services


Patent Proofreading

Patent proofreading involves complete scrutiny of patent and patent applications. A significant percentage of issued patent have errors which had occurred during the drafting or prosecution stage.


Patent Docketing

For large patent and trademark portfolios, calendaring important legal deadlines is a critical task as each asset can have multiple statutory deadlines which must be met to preserve rights.


Patent Term Adjustments

Patent term adjustment (PTA) is a process carried out by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for adding day-for-day credits to the normal twenty year term


IDS Management

Our IDS team helps patent applicants fulfill their duty to disclose to the USPTO any prior art that is material to the patentability of their invention.


What do we need from you?

  • Technology or product description.
  • A clear definition of the features or sub-components that require clearance.
  • Novel structure, compounds and/or compositions.
  • Scope of the search.
  • List of known competitors practicing in that area of technology (if possible).

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