Bruce Lee was one of the most influential personas to have ever graced the silver screen. His movies have been classics and massive trendsetters in Hollywood. He was a martial arts instructor and one of the pioneers of Asian-American films. His movies incorporated the Oriental culture and sent out a positive vibe of the culture via martial arts.

The Master

Similarly, Yip Man is also considered to be one of the most recognized persons when it comes to martial arts. He was known for developing martial arts and for its expanse around the world.

His character has been made into movies (IP Man 1 and 2). The movies were a massive success and his prominence had increased after the release of the movies.

Yip Man as he is known had many pupils and one of his star parallel space for pc pupils was the legendary Bruce Lee. He was a student of Yip Man and later on developed his own style of martial arts.

The Pupil

Bruce Lee had appeared in the second edition of the movie and his character was shown as he is one of the most prominent pupils of Yip Man. The producers of the movie Yip Man – 3 wanted to portray Bruce Lee in the third edition as well.

The movie stars the infamous boxing star Mike Tyson as well and a Computer Generated Image of the martial arts superstar would have been a major promotional stuff for the producers.

The Pointy Nose 

The problem now is due to permission not being granted for the producers by Bruce Lee Enterprises. BLE has blocked the producers from using any reference to the actor. They claim they are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of the martial artist.

The rights for the producers were initially given by Bruce Lee’s brother Robert Lee, who even became the expert for the shooting of the movie. The company stated that Robert Lee did not have any form of authorization. It affirmed that the sole ownership of Bruce Lee’s intellectual property rights were held by the enterprise and no other party including Robert Lee.

The current scenario is being handled by the lawyers of the production house “Pegasus Motion Pictures”. Whereas a movie with the boxer Mike Tyson and Donnie Yen is gonna be interesting to watch and a CGI Bruce Lee will make the movie much more interesting and hoping the tide goes in favor of the producers.