Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

Salary Package- 3 lac per annum

Job Description-

Patent Seraching

GE India Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description

Creation and protection of strategic and tactical IP assets.

In searching, analyzing, and compiling technical, commercial, and patent information using a variety of free and subscribed databases which will provide information to technologists, technology management, and legal personnel.

Providing various types of analyses, such as those for patent landscape, patentability of inventions, freedom to practice, competitive assessment, and patent invalidation, portfolio analysis, gap analysis.

Carry out searches and analyses to support decision-making around technology and IP issues

Kripya Engineering Pvt Ltd

Salary Package- 9 lac per annum

Job Description

1. Product reverse engineering analysis

2. Patent study and claim analysis, patent classication

3. Web search, Patent downloads, Data sheet collection & analysis

4. Reverse (RE) Engineering, Test Experiment designs and Reverse Engineering Reports