IIPTA’s Free IPR Certification course Intellectual property 101 March sessions final exam starts today (28th May 2011).

The enrolled candidates can login using their IIPTA login id and visit the course page.

The exam is in the form of an online quiz and is available under the QUIZ tab on the course home page.

Results will be shown to the quiz taker immediately after completion of the quiz.

Final results will also be displayed on the IIPTA website after compiling all the results of all the users. This exam quiz will be available online for the taker for 7 Days i.e. till 3rd of June 2011. The enrolled candidates can take the quiz any time in this time period.

People interested in joining the IP 101 course September session can enroll them selves by going to the FREE COURSES tab under the ALL COURSES tab in the main menu of the site.