It is very important for inventors to understand that there is reluctance among some patent attorney’s to take on independent investors’ as clients. This is at least in parts because some independent inventors take up extraordinary amount of time and rarely convert into clients. Even if they do convert into clients many want to pay a low rate and never satisfied. The reality that many inventors do not want to accept is that any patent attorney can create the patent application for 1200$. Of course, the application that you get for 1200$ would be the same price. But many inventors have in their head that they are getting a deal when they fixed an extremely low-cost provider. Nothing can be furthermore truthful.

 How does a serious inventor find the help they need and a reputable, experienced patent attorney?

Inventors who want to work with a reputable and experienced patent attorney will do themselves a great favor if they try and understand the business realities facing the patent attorney. There are only so many hours in a day to work, and spending a lot of time with those who are not likely to turn into clients, or good clients, is not a winning business strategy for an attorney.  Therefore, you want to present from the outset as someone who is serious. Keeping this in mind will pay dividends as you seek out a patent attorney you are comfortable with, who you trust, and who is able to collaborate with you to form a good and prosperous working relationship. To present as a serious inventor you need to always remember the importance of the first impression, therefore it is critical to remember the importance of the first impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore it is critical to remember that the initial contact is very important. If you want to be taken seriously in business you really should do everything you can to approach the business of inventing as that business. Taking the modest amount of time to handle inquiries by those fishing for free information and advice on how they can represent themselves without hiring an attorney causes an attorney to eat up valuable time that could be spent working, earning or engaging themselves in activities likely to bring in paying clients.

Another good way of finding a patent attorney is to join a inventors group and ask the members for recommendations. Most patent attorneys get business through the referral from happy clients and you might not use otherwise be able to find them given all advertising on the internet by more dubious companies and low-cost providers in invention space.


When you have found an attorney or two who thinks you might be interested in working with making contact. Many patent attorneys do not meet clients in personal but keep in contact with phone and emails. This is completely fine and not unusual. You are going to hire an attorney who you trust, you think you can work with, and who have some technical expertise. That frequently means you are going to hire an attorney who is not in a geographically convenient area to facilitate a one on one person meeting. It is also important for inventors to understand what seems like an easy question is virtually never an easy question. Is my invention patentable?” That may seem like an easy question, but it is absolutely not an easy question. Like so much in life, in the area of patent law and inventing there are few, if any, easy questions. Answers require an intensive understanding of the surrounding facts. In at least 95% of cases, the only way to know whether an invention is patentable is to do a patent search and carefully compare the invention with the prior art located in the patent search.