Smart safety helmets, airbags for two-wheelers and fuel quantity tracking device

This week Bananaip, have uncovered interesting patents pertaining to inventions that enable safe and smart technology for the riding of a two-wheeler! The details of the applications have been given below:

Patent Application No.1: Now Helmets are for safety but also smart

The powered safety helmet: Application No. 201721033251

Abstract: The present invention ensures the helmet is worn by the user and without which the vehicle will never start. It consists a mechanical switch for the helmet. master Bluetooth module, solar panel with the rechargable battery mounted inside the helmet, limit switch for start and stop the ignition of two-wheelers, LED matrix for direction indication and tall light signal, salve Bluetooth module, ignition key and its set. The present invention ensures the wearing of helmet by drivers of the two-wheeler if a helmet is not worn then signals will be generated to a micro controller which will further do not allow to start the engine. This will ensure the safety of the user during accidents and avoid heavy injury to head and brain. After wearing the helmet limit switch will get activated which is connected to master Bluetooth mounted inside a helmet. Bluetooth communicates to salve circuitry of which is mounted onto a vehicle which further active relay. When ignition key and relay signal will start ignition of the vehicle, which will ensure the wearing of the helmets by a user and will safeguard from an accident. Further, the helmet contains a solar panel on the surface to power microcontroller, a Bluetooth module, a voltage regulator, a limit switch.

Patent Application No.2: Airbag for two-wheelers

 Application No.: 201741034840

Abstract: This invention relates to an automotive safety system comprising the installation of airbags in two-wheeled automobiles. The airbags are installed on both sides of the vehicle. Sensors positioned in various parts of vehicle detect the incidence of a collision and this signal is sent to a control unit which directs the deployment of the airbag in a matter of milliseconds.

Patent Application No.3: Digital system to ascertain quality of fuel

Application No.: 201741033698

Abstract: The present invention relates to the fuel tank of the two-wheeled vehicle and more particularly relates to fuel quantity measuring, devices, and wireless communication device. The wireless quantity monitoring system for fuel tank comprises a floating arrangement, transmitting means, and a lid wherein said fuel tank Lid consists fuel quantity display device which comprises at least a sensing mean, a control unit and a power supply mean and said control unit is wirelessly connected to a display unit. When the Lid js opened, the sensing means sends a signal to the control unit and said control unit communicates with the display unit and the display fuel quantity value is changed as ZERO.