“Just imagine” is a simple word that leads to lot of mind blowing inventions, every individual became smart now a days with smart cards, smart phones etc. and why not a smart house. The last word will drive you crazy.

Yes, Apple filed a patent in Europe for a Futuristic Home Automation System that’s Really Cool.

We already have existing facilities of controlling electronic systems at home through software devices running on the mobile, tablet, computer etc. they can adjust the brightness of the light bulbs and they have control over thermostats, door locks.

But the convenience of using is quite difficult because each electronic system has a unique identifier say if there are 50-60 bulbs with each one having different identifier it puts user in a situation to lose patience in remembering the correct identifiers and these are time consuming and user should shift to the another application to control thermostats and outdoors.

Apple’s Invention is Siri for “Home Automation” that had made it easy to control one or more electronic devices, a user can input a command through voice which will be converted into textual representation. Based on the textual representation the server identifies one or more electronic devices and the appropriate commands to perform over the electronic devices. And the performed operations are transmitted back to the user device. It performs the command and transmits the current status of operation.

All it allows you to do is to communicate with “Siri”. For instance, user can command Siri to switch off certain lights in the room, to unlock the door, to turn the stereo on, lower your thermostat and etc.

And if the user is forgetful, the software allows the user to question Siri is the light switches are turned off?

It is amazing that it allows us to create a set a blocks of commands that is the user can create a ‘sleep configuration in which the states of all lights are set to off, the states of the thermostats are set to 72°F, the state of all doors are set to locked, and the state of the garage door is set to closed. Thus, when the user is about to go to sleep, the user can provide their device with a command that references the stored configuration, such as “I’m going to sleep,” and Siri/the system, can set the states of the electronic devices based on the stored states in the sleep configuration.

The user will be able to configure other group states as they wish like setting Siri to understand that saying Good Morning Siri could means turning up the thermostat, starting your coffee maker, turning your TV on to a favorite news channel, open the blinds in the kitchen and have your shower set to a perfect temperature.

And this is how it made very smart, and the affordability is a common question arises, yet such invention land us inn tomorrow’s land.

Keywords: smart homes, Siri, Home Automation, blocks of commands