Congratulations to all students and staff. IIPTA IP initiatives are now listed in World Intellectual Property Organization IPR Outreach in practice database.

Heartiest thanks to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and our supporters all over India and world to their constant encouragement.

Scientists / Researchers, SMEs, University Students
Scientists / Researchers, SMEs, University Students

How is IIPTA  making an efforts to spread IP awareness to college students , SME and MSME?

1) IIPTA’s special scholarships, awards and grants to research facilities, colleges and students through its outreach programs. Free courses like Intellectual Property 101 further motivates aspirants to get an all round general knowledge about IP knowledge and helps to gain from it.

2) Highly informative newsletters covering the news of the IP in India and infinite resources for businesses, researcher etc to incorporate Intellectual property impact in their business model and finally profit from it.

3) Fine tuned training on impact and merging points of different industries an Intellectual property issues, making Intellectual Property a new alternate career path for students -> all this without changing your primary specialization.

4) IIPTA’s effort to make India’s first possible Intellectual Property centric Web 2.0 platform.

5) Exclusive expert answers forum to help you get your business / research the edge over others by incorporating Intellectual property in the business model.

6) Launch of India’s first ever Intellectual Property Magazine – “IP and Business” by IIPTA.

and many more.