IPR is one of the raising fields providing scope and opportunity to the young generations in innovative fields of science and technology.According to statistics, the field generated returns of Rs 2,26,63,01,039 in 2008-09 out of which patents alone had generated Rs 1,56,14,63,824 and it has progressively grown. Many Multi National Companies and law firms working on IPR prospective are open are open to offer jobs for fresher’s. For instance IT giants like Google, MNC’s like General electronics, Philips Electronics, SAP labs, Nokia India and Law firms such as Anand and Anand etc

According to the analysts, startup’s get a salary package of 2.5 lack per annum for patent analysts and at high levels, a package of 3.5

What is the Need?

A basic idea of IPR
General aspects of Patent Analysis
Or good project in the field of IPR

IIPTA launches a project on ‘Cloud Computing’ where is a latest technology working on by the huge sectors of internet services providing companies globally. So considering the need of the companies and providing a helpful hand to students, we designed this project, where helps one know and understand patent, patent analysis, IPR basic and industrial level project.

Project Details:

Title                         :          Cloud Computing
Duration                 :          3 months
Fee                          :          18,500/- including registration fee

Cloud computing deals with client-server line services where the client can request for any kind software and there exist no physical structure of data files with client, no installations.


  • Costs less
  • Device location independence
  • Distance between server and costumer makes no matter
  • Reliable, scalable