In particular, IBM will use printed circuit boards to protect the new, physical design cryptographic codes and keys detailed in the patent. This new process can be used for encryption for enterprise storage system and also for security in the cloud.

While physical security of circuit boards are included in the new process, the layers are used which means that the inner technique can be configured in random structures. Its purpose is to further increase the level of difficulty for an opponent to compromise the system.

Cryptographic keys and Codes are preserved
This new initiative will streamline the current familiar method by which cryptographic keys and codes are preserved, in which the circuit boards are shed in a plastic material.
The patent for the new IBM initiative reads as follows: “For the protection of cryptographic keys and code, there is a mechanism to be compromised with external tampering, in which the system is used within a multi-layered secure structure, more specifically, the cryptographic key and A multi-level secure structure is provided to protect the code, in computers and / or telecommunication systems. If employed, it may be subject to possible tampering.

Its working method
A method is provided to build such multi-level secure structures within a modular substrate, with the intention of protecting the cryptographic key and code, from the threat of potential tampered or unauthorized access to computers and / or telecommunication systems are employed.

IBM has been highly active in an effort to make new progress towards enhanced data conservation through encryption. The industry giant recently introduced IBM Z mainframe, which aims to provide encryption at every level of the enterprise. It will include network, database, application and cloud services.