Huawei recently filed for selfie-toning flash which is believed to find its way into smartphones camera’s soon. Apparently, the tech giant is also planning to have its own 360 degree camera as a recent patent filling to an EnVizion 360, Panoramic VR camera has been made by Chinese tech giant before the U.S.Trademark Office. A similar patent application was also filed in EU Intellectual Property office.

As with another patent application not so many details of the product are revealed but the name is suggestive of a panoramic camera likely similar in function to Samsung Gear 360 camera which made its debut in 2016 and is in second generation. The gear 360 has made a portable design and is capable of capturing 360-degree photo and videos. The EnVizion 360 Panoramic VR camera may go beyond just 360 degree photos and videos, though, as it is also virtual reality camera which would work with VR headset. Huawei already has a 360 degree camera to its name so, it is more likely there are more innovative features wrapped with this one.

Huawei patent application also indicates the presence of an android app which would be used for controlling EnVizion 360. This is also similar to Gear 360 which has a dedicated app that let’s owner control the camera and stitch the 360 degree photos. The patent filing is pretty recent, and so we, might not be seeing the EnVizion 360 camera anytime within this year.