Computer science is a very exciting field combining computer with science and engineering. The latest technologies and its application in bioinformatics which includes drug designing put computer science in high demand.

This field is an emerging field these days and many people are looking forward to this field to make their career. To start a career in this field IT is really important to have a good start and for that it is important to have a good professional resume.

 Why are resumes important?

According to a survey an employer spends only 10 seconds looking at a resume and it is the first document which comes in contact with the employer and it reflects your personality.

Employers filter only the professional resumes out of all the resumes and resume is a document which helps you to get a call for the interview. There is no room for mistakes in a resume and use resume to show best of your abilities. It is really important to have a professional resume in order to emerge among the hundreds of job seekers  applying for the same position in the same field.

professional computer science 

What should a professional resume include?

A professional resume should include your:

  • Introduction
  • Achievements
  • Goals
  • Skills(specially of the job posting mentions that a person with a specific skill is required or prefered)
  1. Technical skills
  2. Non technical skills
  • List of each project name and goal of the project
  • Keywords(which a company is looking for in terms of techniques and skills)

 How can a resume help you?

Searching computer science jobs can be difficult as the candidate has to maintain a balance between their specific technical skills and communication skills at the time of interview. A good computer science resume clearly explains your achievements and career arc to the non technical reader for example HR staff while demonstrating deep technical knowledge and a specific skill that a specialist is looking for.

 Things to be kept in mind while making a resume are:

  • Good structure- It is really important for a resume to have a good structure as it leaves a good impression on the employer. In order to have a good structure:
  1. Make your resume begin with a summary or career objective.
  2. A headline is also a good way to call attention to your objective for a computer science job.
  3. Demonstrate your knowledge of computer science in your objective.
  • Lineup coursework  strategically- It is very important for freshers to include a column of “selected courses” which will highlight the list of individual courses you know. Tailor this section for each employer as per his requirement and highlight the course which is preferred by his company to hire candidates. This way the employer will prefer you over other candidates as you will be beneficial for the company.
  • Mention academic projects- Computer science students usually create projects to edge their skills and to learn new technologies. These projects demonstrate expertise and familiarity with technologies. To add these projects in your resume make a projects section and if you are a fresher then this section will really be useful for you. Then add the following things to this section:
  1. Mention the name of the project
  2. List the date of the project
  3. Write an introductory bullet point followed by a few bullet points describing the work.
  4. Mention the technology you used.
  • Tailor your resume as per the job requirement- Is is necessary to tailor your resume in order to get a job. These are the easy steps to tailor it:
  1. Research the company for which you want to write the resume.
  2. Study the job description and modify your knowledge and experience to it.
  3. Use good keywords as per the job description
  • Include books and conferences- If you read books and go to conferences to sharpen your skills and to make yourself a better developer  then you must make a section and should include all the conferences you have attended and all all the technical books you have read. Mentioning all this in your resume will definitely impress the interviewer as he will feel that you keep your skills updated and keep on learning the new ones and also have lots of exposure in this field.
  • Mention your technical skills- It is important to mention all the softwares, technologies, industry concepts and skills you are familiar with. This leaves a good impression on the interviewer as you are familiar with specific tools, software etc.

The technical skills which you should add in your resume are:

Software- Microsoft access, microsoft excel, SQL server, adobe photoshop etc.

Languages- C/C++, C#, SQL, JavaScript, black etc

Programming Concepts- Mixed Language interfaces, functional, OBject oriented programming.

Web development- HTML, XML, SEO, CSS etc

Web Concepts- Digital advertising, database integration, web graphics optimization etc.

Web Security- Brute Force,  Server Side include(SSI), buffer overflow etc

Content Management- SQL enterprise manager, FTP, web services etc

Online Marketing- Email marketing, google analytics, XML, landing pages etc.

Social Media- Facebook, LinkedIn, wordpress, google plus etc

Job history- Job history lets the employer know about your work experience. Things which you must add in your job history are:

Start with most recent job

  1. Job title
  2. Employer name and location
  3. Dates of employment
  4. Description of your responsibilities and accomplishments etc.