Today, the single criteria which the students check for in prospective colleges/universities is :


The questions that students keep on asking are :

  • What is the placement percentage of the college/university?
  • Which of the big companies come to your college for recruiting?
  • How many students got placed last year?
  • Which companies are going to come this year to your college/university?
  • What was the top package offered to the student?

So how do you tackle these questions ?

For obvious reasons you cannot lie to the students every year. The only way and the right way to do is to increase the placement percentage.

“7” ways to increase the number of recruiting companies are :

placement interview

Way #1:

Think about placements from day one and not at the end of the year :

This is similar to a student studying at the eleventh hour for his exams. Avoid becoming the student. Think about placements and take initiative from DAY ONE.

Networking and social events are a good way to start. Potential recruiters can be tapped in these events.

Way #2:

Make sure your institute is known in the industry circle :

Organize events or field trips for your students to go visit the manufacturing plant. Initiatives like this are like shooting two birds with one bullet. The students will benefit a lot from this as well and you will be promoting the brand of your college.

Way #3:

Liaison with Alumni :

Who is the best option  to spread the word of your institution?

THE ALUMNI. They are former students who have “been there and done that”. Connect with the alumni who are in the industry and ask them to arrange on-campus placements

Way #4:

Company Tie-ups :

Negotiate an agreement with the companies and provide them candidates with the required skill sets. Students are required on a regular basis for companies. Make the recruiters job easy by providing him a ready-made product which will solve his problem as well. This will ensure that whenever there is a requirement for him, the first option he will consider is you.


Student Placement Cell :

Initiative by student groups can go a long way to ensure a successful recruitment drive.

Way #6:

Invite local recruitment consultancies and Guest lectures :

Guest lectures by professionals from the industry will be an excellent move as this will provide the opportunity for interaction with students.


Prep up the communication skills of students :

A satisfied customer is always a returning customer.

A company impressed with the students will automatically come in the next session for hiring. A key factor for good interviews is communication skills. Recruiters are always on the lookout for candidates who can put forward their point clearly.