Honda is maybe serious with its new wonderful Project 2&4 concept. This was a roadster that was originally presented at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show. Honda designers made a concept car that tried to fill the gap between the world of motorcycles and high-performance sports cars. Therefore they derived the name 2&4 car concept.

It seems that Honda is might ready to bring a version of this concept to life. New patent drawings that Honda filed show that the producer is at least trying to protect a car making a strong similarity to the 2&4 concept. However, the producer is eyeballing an electric power train instead of the racing bike engine that originally was on the concept. The aim here could be to make an Ariel Atom rival that uses the wonderful thing that is instant torque. Also, it would be much more interesting to see how Ariel takes the news seeing that they get their own engines from Honda.

Also one more difference is that the vehicle in the patent drawings has two seats while the concept had just one. However, the passenger seat can be removed, according to attached to the patent drawings. There are also additional protective elements on the patent drawing. The original concept vehicle was powered by the mightily impressive engine that they took from used the Honda MotoGP racing bikes.


Recent patent documents include drawings of an open-air sports car with a cast-aluminum backbone chassis. The body structure requires relatively few components, and has one support member that can attach to parts needed for the steering, pedals, seat, and footrest. The structure is very light to improve fuel efficiency.  Since this light frame can be produced using aluminum die casting, Honda should be able to shorten manufacturing times and reduce costs. The drawings show the engine is mounted in the middle of the vehicle, much like the Project 2&4. Although the patent drawings show a four-wheel vehicle, the setup can also be used on a three-wheel vehicle or even a vehicle with more than four wheels.

Patent details

The present invention relates to the body structure of the vehicles. They have named this patent-vehicle body structure (Pub. No.:US2017/0043680 A1) has publish on 16 Feb 2017 in which they describe a body structure including: a centre frame extending in the longitudinal section of the vehicles at the centre in the vehicles width direction and at least one support member extending towards outside in the vehicles direction from the centre frame. It also provide a body structure that can reduce the no of parts; and also improve stiffness to give the occupant a direct feel of acceleration like an automobile.

MotoGP Power

The original concept is that the vehicle was powered by mightily impressive engine used by the Honda MotoGP racing bikes it’s a 1.0-liter V -4 that produces 230 horsepower and also run 15,000 rpm. In the Project 2&4 it breathes through a custom pie-cut titanium exhaust system and drives the rear wheels via a six-speed dual-clutch transmission – one of the elements borrowed from Honda’s car business. In the Project 2&4 it runs through a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. Given that the 2&4 weighs only 405kg, it’s hardly going to be slow.

it would be interesting to see Honda produce and market a frivolous track toy to go alongside its more mainstream models, the Project 2&4 is likely to remain just a concept.