The European coat of justice has ruled that google is not liable for trademark infringement by allowing companies to use rivals trademark as advertising key words through its Ad words programme. The court ruled that although google provides a plateform for the adverts, it is responsibility of individual advertiser to ensures that thy do not infringe trademarks. The case began in2004 when LVMH , parent of Louis Vuitton , sued google complaining that it permitted companies selling counterfeit product to links advertising to searches for Louis Vuitton. LVMH won early victories in the French court , but the matter was referred to the ECJ by France’s court of cassation. While thruiling looks like good news for google , Adwords users may be concerned that the court opened the door for the companies such as LVMH to sue them for trademark infringement. Google will have to act swiftly if accompany inform it infringement ,and companies using others trademark as key word will have to make it clear that they do not have an affilation n the company concerned.