Seriously Google never fails to amaze me. Everytime i think “OK, Google has done this now!!!!”, I am left bemused and in total amazement of the organization. Google reminds me of the greedy monster who is happy to swallow everything and “Burpp!” loud.

Google is an all conquering machine and there are very few things where Google has not forayed into. Possibly the next thing that Google will do is buy a sports club or produce a movie or start an airlines. Honestly, you never know these things with Google.

Anyways staying in the present, they have patented the technology to control an army of robots. They have patented the technology which has the ability to control a group of robots. Google so far has acquired 8 companies which are part of the robotics scene around the world. They intend on making more robots and seem to be hell bent on monopolising the market.

They have already a few products which can function automated without any manual guidance. They have recently launched fully automated vehicles and the cars are slowly becoming operational in the US.

 Cloud Control :

So this technology that Google has been awarded patent for is a software and is based on cloud access. This software can control multiple robotic units at the same time and they are all connected to a cloud unit or for our convenience call it the control unit.

This Control unit is manually operated or can be accessed from your smartphone as well(on Android, Google’s OS for smartphones).

Assume, that you have a team of robots consisting of Wall-E, Eva and the famous R2D2 and you have an app on your Android phone which is connected to the three. Now you can basically command them to do whatever you want. This is what Google has been granted a patent for.

Technology Utility:

This technology can be used for defense purposes or for any other purposes as well. Basically it can be used for any purpose either to do your household chores or for a team of bomb disposal robots.

Google has been designing robots to perform daily activities without any manual guidance. They have designed robots to recognize faces and tones and they are designed to be part of day to day lives.


Expect a lot more development from Google and never confine your imagination especially when it comes to this “MONSTER”. They have an insatiable appetite to conquer and the way they are moving forward they are sure to do so. Do not be surprised if in 5 years Google is monitoring us all with an ARMY OF ROBOTS in gung-ho style!