Ice cream chain Baskin and Robbins sued a former Franchisee, for using Baskin and Robbin’s trademark even after defaulting on the agreement. The complaint was filed in the District Court for Western District Court of Kentucky this September. Baskin and Robbins

Baskin and Robbins is the owner of many trademarks, service marks, logos, emblems, trade dress, and the trade name ‘Baskin and Robbins’ and related marks including US Trademark number 1,371,672 for Baskin and Robbins name. They accused AKR company and its affiliates Andrew, Reginald and katherine Pleasant of using their “marks and system without having any right or licensee to do so.”

Thay additionally claimed that AKR has failed to pay its fee, and notice was sent to its affiliates informing that they were “in default of  the franchise agreement based on their failure to pay the required fee.”

AKR had also received a notice of termination in August due to failure to pay fees, but the company is currently still operating.

Baskin and Robbins are litigating for trade dress infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, breach contract, and breach personal guarantees.