To create awareness against the piracy on social media, which is being observed since many years finally Viacomm and CIPAM, joins hand to promote awrenes and enlighten mind against copyright piracy. Amazon prime to now offer original reality shows only and more is presented by the Copyright and Entertainment Law Attorney.

Copyright statement For Piracy

“Privacy as a fundamental right allows a person to prohibit, regulate, and take other actions against any actual and/or foreseeable intrusions into his privacy, and this fundamental, constitutional right will trump any statutory right or limitation unless he high standards for making exceptions are met.”- Kalyan

Keh doon tumhe cannot be a part of the movie ‘Baadshao’

The Bombay Hight Court on 22nd august stopped the makers of the Ajay Devgan starer baadshao form being released as it contained the mixed version of the popular song ‘Keh Doon Tumhe’ from 1973 blockbuster ‘Dewar’. Trimurti Films, the copyright owner of the lyrics and musical composition in the sons’ keh doon tumhe’, filed the suit against the Bombay High Court, against the use and said of the song in the film.
More importantly the, Super Cassette, the owner and the producer of the movie ‘Baadshao’, argued that they took the permission for mixing of the song from Universal Music. Lately, the court examined the two agreements held between Trimurti and Universal Music, and found that Universal music had only acquired Mechanical Reproduction right in the song from the Trimurti Films for limited purpose of making and selling gramophone records.
“The rights sold to Universal music could at the most be termed as sound recording rights, which are distinct from literary or musical rights. This by no stretch of imagination would permit Universal Music to allow Super Cassettes to use the lyrics or music of the song in Baadshaho”, ordered the Court. The Court, however, permitted Super cassettes to release the film after removing the Song from the Film.”