Are you not hired uptil now? Are your efforts failing big time? Are you sending resumes to many companies on, but not getting any good reply from them? Are you facing rejections in each interview?

You will apparently never know why certainly you are failing in catching hold of a job opportunity till date. Some reasons may not be under your control, but most reasons definitely will be. If you come in the category of alike job hunters, probably you will never know the cause.

Generally, the company do not give helpful reply for horror of licit aftermath or for fear of other strange aggressive actions by the rejected candidates. The problem rests likely with you, if every time you are rejected for a job. The truth remains that hiring process is undertaken by the company to hire, but of course they want the correct candidates for the correct job.

Here are my top 7 reasons why you’re failing in getting a job:

Your resume isn’t appropriate.

Errors in resumes would automatically make resumes dismissed, be it a spelling mistake, an unprofessional e-mail address, displayed dates with huge gaps in profession or educational qualifications, lack of well organized professional resume, or a format which is not scannable. Your resume may be lacking the keywords which your potential employer is looking for.

You really aren’t qualified.

You may be applying for a job you are unqualified for, may be failing to understand thoroughly the position description and unable to compare your qualification with the post’s requirement. If a job description specifies a patent engineer with 3-5 years of experience and you’re a recent graduate, it’s unlikely you’ll get a call.

You are making blunders during the interview process.

Let’s jump on the next step. Even if your resume gets selected fortunately, and you are bad at the next most important level, then what was the use of doing such hard work on your resumes? Interviews are the crucial step towards getting a job and if you are interviewing poorly it will not fetch you anything. There are people who do not keep away from chewing gums even in the interviews and dress awfully during the process. Some argue about what they will and will not do. Hey, what are you there for? Cracking it or killing it?

Then, there are some other fools who go unshaved with a two-three day beard for their own style statement. This style statement can backfire you. The employers really do hate such a norm.

You’re having high salary expectations.

If you come under that lot who demand ample amount of salary which your qualifications and skills don’t even deserve, then may be that is stopping the companies to let you go further. In an interview, you may be appearing rigid and demanding, this can disqualify you, as the employer is likely to worry for your unfavorable demands once you join their organization.

You are lacking in communication skills.

Being weak in communication skills is one of the most popular reason which bars you from being hired. While being feeble in communication stops you from making networks, lack of these skills hurdle your employment stair. Every organization wants to hire people who communicate well and are presentable in their way of speaking.

You have done no research about the company.

You may not have made it quite sure whether you have good knowledge about the particular organization you are interviewing with. You say you are interested in working for their company, but it looks terrible to know nothing about the very same thing you are interested in. iroot apkYou are unaware of the company’s goals and business, position of the company and its competitors. You may have not practiced interview questions, and may stammer and hesitate in answering.

Your answers aren’t satisfactory during interview.

There remains a very common question an interviewer asks you. It is about your strengths and weaknesses. You may be exaggerating your strong points and keeping shut on the weaknesses, trying to act smart. Answering in this particular way will be intactly idiotical. Everyone has one weakness or the other and you may not have worked on the weakness question prior to the interview.

The case can also be that you may be saying all the wrong things when interrogated about why you want to choose certain company as your workplace. You may be providing them only the information self obsessing yourself around, when the organization will be more interested in knowing how you could benefit their company.

You may be lacking in confidence, and unable to convey all the right things to the interviewer. Also, being shy will give the employer the impression that you will stick to your own work and struggle for making a good team at the workplace.

Finding a job is tough, no question. But if you will work on your weak points, surely you can get your job now!

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