An idea for new top-level domains may be relevant to popular TLDS patent application that includes dynamic value of domain names. A few years ago, with the introduction of new top-level domain names, there was an explosion in the number of TDLs, in which the premium domain. Remember to talk to someone at a registrar before coming out of the new TLD and discussing these premium levels. He mentioned that some registrars want to provide dynamic value, where the price of specific premium domain names changes based on the current programs. The registrar put the key on that idea.

Plan Bee LLC(Patent Application)

In 2017 the registry behind, the builder uses the U.S. to patent this type of dynamic value. Filed a patent application (PDF) with the patent and trademark organization. Patent application was published. The application includes the idea of ​​setting premium pricing to cut domains and domain aftermarket. An initial premium price has been set based on several factors (length, search results, etc.).

So the price dynamically varies depending on existing factors such as social media discussions, such as registration of certain rules or similar domains (for example, many shoe related domains are registered, so the prices increase on the registry’s same domain).

It has been learned that the registrars were smart to avoid this dynamic value. It does not make sense on domains like .build less than 5000 domains.

Dynamic pricing of items based on category with which the item is associated

Patent No.-US 7587372 B2, A method of dynamically adjusting prices of items using a processor based upon the category to which the item is assigned, wherein the items are of the type that are deliverable over a network. A system includes memory for storing group indicators with regard to the items and a processor communicatively coupled to the memory for adjusting the prices of items.

However, the patent application, I wonder how you can implement this idea for the right market plan, plan Bee: Secondary Domain Name Marketplace

Domain investor unlikeness

One of the reasons for the domain investors is theirs. Com does not like to assign a “buy now” price in the domain that this value can suddenly change. We have seen it with the domain with the word “coin” or “bitouine”. We also saw that small domain names This happens with.


Would not it be nice if you can afford to price your domain, but even then can the prices go up dynamically if there is a sudden demand for a domain with similar conditions or features?