As of Tuesday, 09/08/2011, the Online medium of the Patent Agent Examination Preparation Series by IIPTA is discontinued.

The reason for such a decision is, Feedback from the per registered students about the difficulty in reading large books on line.
The books were then made downloadable but not printable to keep check on counterfeiting, which was again seen as problem by the pre registered students.
Indian Patent Agent Examination is a paper and pen format exam, so students should get on with practicing that rather than getting comfortable with the online format.
Thus all the pre exiting students are now upgraded to a Distance Learning Format in which the students get:

Printed hard copies of the books by IIPTA
Learn and Keep Charts to easy remember certain difficult procedures
Online forum to clear their queries
2 Contact classes with a choice of month in December or January.

Patent Agent Examination Training
PA Examination Training – Express6 DaysRs.18,500*
PA Examination Training – Crash Course4 WeekRs.17,000*
PA Examination Training – Distance Learning8 WeekRs.8,500*
PA Examination Training – Test Series4 WeekRs.10,000*
PA Examination Training – Classroom12 WeekRs.22,600*

* Inclusive of all the taxes and registration fee.