Apple Inc. American Multinational Technology Company which designs, develops and sells soft wares for their hard wares and consumer electronics ranks first for best global brands since 2013, in order to hold the place Apple Inc. comes out with extraordinary inventions which wins a patent all the time.

October 11, 2016. Apple Inc. was granted with 43 patents, covering the next generation OLED display, a director’s digital slate, floating fasteners, power consumption reduction for cellular broad casts and etc.

Elaborately, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted patent for Electronic devices with display-integrated light sensors, patent number 9,466,653. This invention is a significant step for a full- screen iphone and other products, it has multiple integrated display layers like light-generating layers, a touch-sensitive layer, and a cover layer and a display-integrated light sensor in-between these display layers. The light generating layer consists of organic light emitting material. The light sensor can be either ambient light sensor having primarily optical wavelength or a proximity sensor.

The sensors are ambient light sensor gathering information on ambient light levels and a proximity sensor components made up of silicon diodes which includes capacitive proximity sensor components, infrared-light-based proximity sensor components, proximity sensor components based on acoustic signaling schemes, or other proximity sensor equipment such as pressure sensors, a temperature sensors, an accelerometer, a gyroscopic sensor and other circuitry for making measurements of the environment surrounding devices.

The touch sensitive layer is a thin-film transistor layer has two opposing surfaces, the light emitting layer is formed on first surface and the light sensor is attached to the second surface, between the thin film transistor layer and the transparent cover layer, a layer of organic emissive material is imposed.

In order to facilitate the mounting of components in housing, integration of light sensors between various layers has been done which includes a display-integrated ambient light sensor, a display-integrated proximity sensor, other display-integrated light sensor circuitry, or other display-integrated sensor circuitry. A display-integrated light sensor that is either a proximity sensor or an ambient light sensor can be formed on a layer of display that includes conductive traces such as a touch-sensor layer and an optically clear adhesive (OCA) binds the cover layer which is made of transparent plastic or glass and the underlying layers.

They have claimed that the light generating layers could be of any suitable display technologies like liquid crystal display pixels, light-emitting diodes, organic light-emitting diodes, plasma cells, electrowetting pixels, electrophoretic pixels, or other suitable image display circuitry for generating image and are implemented using organic light-emitting diode image display technology.

In order to protect the organic light-emitting diode layer from environmental exposure by preventing water and oxygen from reaching organic emissive materials within organic light-emitting diode layer there is an encapsulation material.

Though it is an advancement it is idle to put all these properties in a design where its shape and structure will not get altered and appearance of the design would remain the same for the looks and brand, the industrial application includes the iphone, ipad, laptops and computers in which the display will be under better control under sunlight functioning with “Organic Light Emitting Diode” for the next generation.

This embedding technology may sometimes give way to inclusion of finger print sensors in Apple iphones and exclusion of the home button that occupies a separate compartment below the screen, this could be a big leap for the company in designing a full screen technology.

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