In April Amazon received an intriguing patent for an “on demand” apparel manufacturing system, which can quickly fill online orders for suit, dresses and other garments. Heres how it would work:
Ordering and printing patterns
The process starts when customers submit online orders to the retailer for shirt and other articles for clothing, accessories, bedding, curtains and towel. The pattern printed on the rolls of fabric are arranged to reduce scrap.
Cutting pieces
A “cut engine” then carves out the various pattern pieces, while camera analyze them to make sure they aren’t being distorted in the process.
Moving the pieces
A robotic arm with a mechanical gripper places all the pieces into a tote on a conveyer belt.
Sewing and packaging
The conveyer belt delivers the totes, to a sewing station, where an attendant or automated sewing machine stitches the items together. The items are then examined at a quality control station.