A for Appeal , B for Bollywood , C for Copyright…..Just a day before the date of worldwide theatrical release Justice Vinod Sharma refused to grant the plaintiff ( producers of Tamil Movie ” Naan Avan Iiiai” ) an ex-parte injunction.

Law suit was filed by producers of Tamil Movie alleging that ” Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl” is infringing the movie. Intresting facts are that the Tamil Movie was itself a remake of movie with same name released in 2007. Also in 1962, same movie was made in Marathi named ” To mee Nauhech“. This was inspired by real life story of a man Madhav who was prosecuted for fooling ladies to marry him.

Such copyright infringement cases have become rampant in bollywood. Story Infringement , Titlte Copy, Songs Copy etc we have got all types of copyright infringement possible in year 2011. It seems fromm the information collected below that almost every month we are having some copyright case.

“Copyright Infringement in Bollywood”
DateBollywood FlicksPetition filed byWhy
December 2011Ladies Vs. Ricky BahlProducers of Tamil Movie “Naan Avan Iiiai“Storyline is copied
November 2011Desi BoyzShyam DevkatteRegistration of Title of Movie
October 2011Ra.OneYash PatnikConcept of Superhero ” One” is copied
September 2011Speedy SinghsJohn doe Order
August 2011JailSurrendra Tanwai ( Scipt Writer)Story Taken from ” Gunahon kadevta “
August 2011SinghamJohn doe Order
August 2011BodyguardJohn doe Order
July 2011Atithi Tum KabJaogeAabid Surti ( Painter Author )Story Taken from Gujarati Novel
April 2011Thank YouKeroze Khan FilmsSong copyright infringement on Jaanbazz Song