As the year 2016 is coming to an end, so thought of providing a gist of all important innovations that can make a mark in future and occurred in this year.

Unfiltered Radiation Therapy (US 9480859 B2) :

This is a new technique of producing high energy X-rays for radiation therapy at a patient’s level. The dose delivery system uses a linear accelerator with no flattening filter. ┬áThe flattening filter reduces the efficiency of the beam by reducing the fluence and increasing scattered radiation. This technique involves removal of the flattening filter. It uses inverse planning to shape the dose distribution.

Advantage- The technique improves patient radiation therapy by reducing radiation scattered to surrounding normal tissue and reducing electron contamination. It increases dose rate to shorten treatment time.

A Domestic Access Lock (CN 205384662 U) :

This model discloses a household access lock comprising a lock body, password slot, password door, access control center module, the wireless signal transceiver modules and remote terminal modules, the central body of the lock grooves of a password, and the password groove left by the door hinge axis and password, the outer surface portion of the lock body is provided with cameras and alarms, and the lower portion of the camera, a speaker, an outer surface of the password door mounted fingerprint scanner, and the side door installation password there are sensing probe, the groove is provided with an internal password touchscreen, and password groove inner wall is attached to the sensing probe corresponding to the magnet inside the lock body mounted access control center module, and the access control center module via a radio signal transceiver module signal connection with a remote terminal.

Advantage- The access lock is versatile, innovative design, high safety performance, improve people’s livelihood security.


Robust routing and delivery of notifications (US 9467970 B1):
A method for employing a network computer to manage communication over a network, wherein execution of logic by one or more processors on the network computer performs actions, comprising:

– generating one or more notification messages;

– providing one or more responsible resources based on the one or more notification messages;

– providing a plurality of message providers based on one or more resource addresses corresponding to the one or more responsible resources, wherein each of the plurality of message providers is associated with a provider profile;

– providing a message provider to communicate with the one or more responsible resources based on the provider profile that is associated with each of the plurality of message providers;

– providing the one or more notification messages to the message provider for communication of the one or more notification messages to the one or more responsible resources;

– storing performance metrics for the plurality of message providers based on monitoring their communication of notification messages; and

– updating each provider profile using the performance metrics.


Rear Bumper Of Automobile (CN 205365495 U):

Bumper ease absorb external impact, safety devices protect the body before and after. With the development of automobile industry, automobile bumpers as an important safety device but also to the way of innovation. Today’s front and rear bumpers in addition to maintaining the original function of protection, but also the pursuit of harmony and unity of the body shape, the pursuit of its own weight. Currently plastic car bumpers, plastic bumpers have the strength, rigidity and decorative, can play the role of a buffer from the security point of view, the car involved in a collision, the protection around the body; in appearance, can be very natural and combined in one body, totally integrated, with good decoration, it has become an important part of car styling.


– With a shark-like gills on the surface of the side panel process tanks, the advantage of beautiful, stress points, greatly reduces the impact force, effectively protect the safety of passengers and the vehicle body.

– The main bar in the middle of a width greater than the width of the bars on both sides of the main advantage is the main bar in the middle of the car can be engraved or affixed signs, so it is more eye-catching, makes clear.

– With the above program, U-shaped structure and the body better able to connect, the maximum protection of car parts, rear bumper through the main bar and the side bar composed not only makes its own weight, and also has the strength and strong just decorative, safety performance has greatly improved, the utility model in the overall structure seems simple, compact, strong, beautiful appearance, in line with the modern aesthetic.


A two- layer Paint Seaweed Mud (CN 205476179 U):

A double-layer paint seaweed mud structure, characterized in that the base surface comprises evenly mud algae seaweed mud applied primer layer and the primer layer above the mud seaweed topcoat layer, primer layer seaweed mud seaweed mud primer layer; seaweed mud paint layer consists of three layers, namely seaweed mud beneath the paint, putty middle, above the paint seaweed mud.


The layers of coating uniformity, strong adhesion, resistance to cracking, high surface hardness , impact resistance, resistance to buckling, wear resistance, and paint film layer is formed of a very dense, gray smoke and ash sticking phenomenon does not appear topcoat layer to ensure clean, simple structure, easy coating construction and low cost.