RIL’s textile brand ‘Only Vimal’ has been granted patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office for its DEO2 process technology that helps fight perspiration odor. The DEO2 technology enables fabric to resist the settlement of micro-organisms offering freedom from perspiration odour. This marks new feat in RIL’s technological advancement.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. And Only Vimal is its textile brand. Reliance is the third most profitable company in India.

RIL’s DEO2 is a unique innovative fabric processing technology that provides anti-microbial finish on fabric that arrests the growth of fungi and bacteria, keeping the fabric clean and fresh. It allows to process 100% wool, 100% rayon, 100% polyester, polyester/viscose, polyester/wool and other combination fabrics with anti-microbial coating.

The DEO2 technology allows fabric to prevent the settlement of micro-organisms offering freedom from sweat stink and aid maintain fabric remain fresh throughout the day. It also enables the fabric to withstand extreme temperature and demanding daily tasks.

The fabric provides protection to the users even after more than 100 home washes. Furthermore, the DEO2 coating also provides protection from ill effects of ultra violet rays emanated from sun rays.

Only Vimal’s DEO2 differs from other anti-microbial products, as it is follows an environment friendly process that produces skin-friendly fabrics. The Indian government had granted patent to DEO2 technology in July 2015.

“The US patent award is a testimony to our thrust on the technological innovation. Our textile manufacturing processes are amongst the best technologically and innovative process available globally. At Reliance we emphasise on making cutting-edge concept design, processes and products research that provides benefits to the end customers,” said Pradeep Bhandari, CEO (textile business), RIL.

RIL sells both fabrics as well as apparel with DEO2 under Only Vimal brand. The Only Vimal fabrics are sold under DEO2 sub-brand and all apparels made out of DEO2 processed fabrics are labelled with detailing the concept and benefits of DEO2 fabric. Both Only Vimal DEO2 fabrics and apparels have already made strong inroads into domestic markets.

With this innovation Reliance is focusing on the domestic market as typically warm and humid tropical environments in Indian cause perspiration and provide ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi on clothes. Reliance makes over 20,000 design-shade combinations each year in light wool, polyester wool and woolen, polyester viscose and polyester cotton fabrics under the Only Vimal brand.

Only Vimal has introduced super premium fabrics comprising fine wool yarn of Super 150s, Super 130s and Super 120s and occasionally blended with specialty and exotic fibers like silk, angora, mohair or cashmere. It also has fine polyester wool suiting fabrics in a number of blends.



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