World IP day is celebrated on 26th Day of April. Every year WIPO decides a theme for this day. This time its “Get up, stand up for Music”. Every Industrialist engaged in IP business should celebrate this day for 10 reasons:

1. Exchange of Ideas

Celebrating this day and inviting IP companies will benefit your company as well. You can learn new tricks of searching, drafting, training and so on.

2. May be it solves problem

If you are unable to leap out of legal proceedings or drafting software patents is difficult task for you, then, discussion with other experts of your industry is best thing you can do.

3. Promoting talent

Organizing award function in the schools and colleges is a good idea. In this way you can encourage students to innovate and choose a career in Research & development.

4. latest innovations

Inviting firm, rich in number of patents, can make you learn new & latest technologies. This might help you in making a new & better product.

You can collaborate with these companies & this might help you in making your technology work better.

5. Sensitive issues solved

If you plan to celebrate World IP day this season then your theme should be Music. So you can discuss how to stop piracy.

You can discuss about other IP related issues like stopping people from buying counterfeit products and so on.

New problem in the market is first copies sold at cheaper prices. So, this can be the point of discussion.

6. Learn new ways 

This could be a possibility that you are not aware of easily available method of earning income. So this get together might be helpful in knowing new tricks of Income generation.

7. New investors

Don’t have funds to invest in production of your new invention?

Don’t worry. You can participate in these functions & can look out for investors.

They are interested in your invention because they also earn from it.

8. Ways to commercialise IP

You might have a patent but not the right way of using it. You can get better ideas from experts to commercialize your IP asset.

Some companies, like if I take example of IBM, license their technologies and top the world records of earning patents.

9. Business links

If you’ve a start up firm and you need to make business links then you cannot have a better idea than this. This idea will work even if you’ve spent 10 or 20 years because business is all about making good links.

10. To make a mark in this industry

If you really want yourself to be recognized in this industry then you should never miss such opportunities. Here you can meet people from different countries and can exchange your business cards.

So, what are you waiting for get up and stand up, this season organize your own IP event and you never know you will get a good opportunity.