Clean Tech in Court: Green Patent Complaint

Several new green patents complaints were filed in January and February in areas of advanced batteries, waste to energy feedstock, energy efficient exercise equipments and LED’s. Advanced Batteries Advanced Electrolyte Technologies LLC et al. v. ESDI LLC et al. Advanced Electrolyte Technologies (AET) sued ESDI and several divisions of Samsung in a complaint filed [...]

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Europe says University of California deserves broad patent for CRISPR

The European Patent Office (EPO) announced on 23 March its “intention to grant a patent” to the University of California (UC) for its broad-based claims about the genome-editing tool popularly known as CRISPR. UC, on behalf of several parties, has been in a pitched battle with the Broad Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts, over CRISPR [...]

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The future of the MacBook – Turn your iPhone into a fully fledged laptop

A new application is published on The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, from the apple side application for an "Electronic accessory device" describes the company's take on an off-attempted, but never fully realized idea. An Apple patent application published on Thursday details a so-called “thin” portable hardware accessory that boasts the components necessary to [...]

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President intellectual property advocates as Trade Rep

Robert lighthizer was nominated to the position of United States Trade representatives on 14 march 2017. The nomination appears to fit trumps stance on china, including on intellectual property protection. At broadcasting and cable, John Eggerton points out that the Motion Picture Association of America ,praises the nomination ,quoting chairman and former senator Chris [...]

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Bayer’s Nexavar: Under Bolar Exemption

In a significant development today, Justice Endlaw of the Delhi High Court held that ‘export’ of a patented invention for experimental purposes is also covered under Section 107A of the Patents Act, 1970 (India’s Bolar exemption) and thus does not amount to patent infringement. It accordingly allowed Natco to export Bayer’s patented drug ‘Sorafenib [...]

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