Trademark Filing Process: How Much Does a Trademark Application Cost?

Securing brand name with USPTO is a good business. The benefits of registration are undeniable and include nation wide trademark protection easier access to federal court for litigation due to larger number of permissible complaints, as well as presumption that the trademark are valid. Calculate the initial Registration cost: The basic cost of a trademark registration [...]

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Tips for Registering Your Business Trademark

According to WIPO, on average approximately, four million trademark application is filed every year.As more business and brands continue to expand their presence overseas, it is important to understand the intricacies of registering a trademark in foreign countries. The six points you should keep in mind while registering a trademark are following. Register the Trademark in [...]

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Skoda Auto prohibited from naming car ‘Monte Carlo’

A Court in Delhi has barred Skoda Auto India from using the name," Monte Carlo" for a car it launched in country this august. The order came after Ludhiana-based garments company Monte Carlo Fashion claimed that the name of the vehicle, "Rapid Monte Carlo", violated its trademark. Additional Judge Mukesh Kumar said it was [...]

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How to do a Trademark search?

Overview A trademark is any name, word, phrase, logo, design or symbol that businesses and companies use to assign an identity or distinguishing feature for their goods or products, effectively setting them apart from those of other manufacturers or sellers. The trademark instantly brings about recognition to any customer that sees it. The moment [...]

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How to protect your Trademark against Infringement?

 Keeping an eye on your trademark and flagging anyone else using it without your permission is an important part of maintaining control over your IP, ensuring trademark's legal validity as well a sits commercial value. In the event you suspect someone is using your trademark, the first thing you so is seek professional advice [...]

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How to check if a Trademark is already registered?

Distinctive design, graphics, logo, symbols, words, or any combination thereof that uniquely identifies a firm and/or its goods or services, guarantees the item's genuineness, and gives it owner the legal rights to prevent the trademark's unauthorized use. A trademark must be (1) distinctive instead of descriptive, (2) affixed to the item sold, and (3) [...]

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