Removing Unnecessary rules at PTO

As demanded by Trump White House, the USPTO has continued the process of removing regulations that are "potentially outdated, unnecessary, ineffective, costly, or unduly burdensome to both government and private sector operations. In this newest proposal, the office proposes eliminating the followings; 37 CFR 1.79: which prohibits reservation clauses.i.e. it prohibits a pending patent application [...]

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How IP Driven Innovation Help In Driving Business?

With so many players involved in facilitating the market success of an innovation, the effective use of IP plays an important role in reducing the risk for those involved, who may be able to reap a return for their participation in the process. These days IP playa a very key role in facilitating the process [...]

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Intellectual Property in the Internet of Things

The internet of things has been upon us for some time now, though many are just beginning to see it the interconnected network of device that increasingly surrounds us. These often unassuming IoT workhorses are already taking over control of manufacturing processes, smart power grid, and transportation system. They help us manage our homes, travel [...]

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State vs. Federal Trademarks, Which is Right for Your Business?

Trademarks can be a significant asset for any business, even a small business. But what type of trademark you want to obtain, a federal trademark registration or state trademark registration?  Filing a trademark application is an excellent step to take to protect your name slogan or logo. It is, however, important to understand that not [...]

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Patent Drafting: Real Focus on Uniqueness

From a conceptual standpoint is would seem logical to assume that writing text to describe an invention ought to to be easy for the inventor of the invention. While that probably makes sense in theory and reality it just does not play out that way. This is true not because the inventor does not know [...]

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Cross-Licensing your Technology: How would you do that?

What is Cross-Licensing? A cross-licensing patent agreement is a contract between two parties that grant mutual rights to both parties intellectual property. The agreement may be a private, one between two specific companies or the small consortium of companies. Or it may be a public agreement such as patent pool, in which IP management is shared [...]

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