A microwave medical waste disinfection system was patented by Govt.

About OptiMaser, a mobile microwave medical waste disinfection system manufactured by S.S. Medical System Pvt. Ltd. has requested the intervention of Union Government expressing its concern over the process being followed to establish government eMarketplace (GeM) an online " Government E-Marketplace for government procurement of common use goods and service required by various Government Departments/Organisations/PSU's by writing letters [...]

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India grants Pfizer patent for pneumonia vaccine !

India has granted US pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. a patent for its pneumonia vaccine Prevnar 13, in spite of opposition from the health group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The non-profit group had filed a “patent opposition” to prevent Pfizer from getting a patent on its pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV 13). While the approval comes almost [...]

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Indian patent office: expedited examination

Our patent office had initiated the expedited examination procedure last year under the revised rules 2016. This program has yielded excellent results and some patents already granted. One of them has been granted in record time of less than 4 months. This is remarkable as if excluded the time taken by the applicant to [...]

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Samsung forms Strategic Alliance with PayPal

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd today announced an extended strategic partnership with PayPal Holdings, Inc., which will add PayPal as a payment method to Samsung pay, where Samsung is accepted - in-app, online and in- Access to Store PayPal will be available to all Samsung users in the United States and will soon expand to [...]

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End of conflict between Waymo and Uber on Patent

A joint declaration and order was filed in which three claims of patent infringement in the intellectual property case being contested between San Francisco, CA transport company Uber Technologies and Waymo were dropped, which Google-Owner Alphabet Ink One of the subsidiary companies was. This case is one of the latest filing, which has recorded [...]

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