“Innovation to Drive Business and Competitiveness”

We are glad to announce that FICCI is commemorating the World IP Day 2017 by organizing a Conference “Innovation to Drive Business and Competitiveness” on April 28, 2017 at the Park Hotel, New Delhi. The deadline for registration is April 25, 2017. For further details, please read FICCI’s post below: In recent years, increasing [...]

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Real Milk/Real Ice-cream: Amul’s Advertisement

Amul well known for their quirky and contemporary advertising, seem to have found themselves in trouble due to their recent advertisement that compares them to frozen desert companies. The advertisement claims that while they use real milk to make real ice cream, other frozen desert companies use vanaspati oil. As reported by ,HUL and [...]

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QUNO Briefs: Agricultural Biodiversity

The participation of small-scale farmers at the table of international negotiations and the protection of agricultural biodiversity are key to food security, according to the Quaker United Nations which published Office, last month two policy briefs with a list of recommendations. Underlining the fact that half the world’s food is produced by 1.5 billion [...]

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US ITC Blocks Converse Chuck Look a Likes

In a wide-ranging investigation before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC),Converse asserted four trademarks against 31 respondents in an alleged Chuck Taylor look-a-like industry. After 22 of those respondents settled and five more defaulted, the ITC ruled Converse’s diamond patterned sole trademark was indeed infringed, but rejected Converse’s cap-toe and sole-stripe trademarks to the [...]

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UK government’s announcement to ratify UPC

At a meeting of the EU’s Competitiveness Council, 28 November, the UK’s Intellectual Property Minister Lady Neville-Rolfe announced that the UK Government intends to ratify the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. Its significance: As the UK (along with France and Germany) is one of the three countries whose ratification of the treaty is [...]

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Indian based firm to pay royalty to Mahyco Monsanto biotech Ltd(MMBL) for BT cotton seeds.

Delhi High Court restrained Indian firm Nuziveedu Seeds from selling Bt cotton seeds using the trade-mark of US-based agro major Monsanto's Indian arm Mahyco Monsanto biotech Ltd(MMBL).The justice asked the Hyderabad based seed company to pay royalty to MMBL, a joint venture between US-based Monsanto and Mahyco, after selling the old stock manufactured prior [...]

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