Attention! This Masterclass is to find job openings for Lifesciences
Biotech, Pharma and Chemistry Freshers!

Career in Healthcare Industry 2022

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • 4 step framework to build career in Bio-Pharma industry and get job interviews in next month
  • 5 secrets to get call from HR of Pharma company
  • Understand the career in Patents and generic drugs and Top 5 skills required in Pharma Companies to get the corporate position.
  • 6 Top Cities and Companies Recruiting

Pfizer, Biocon, Sun Pharma etc are hiring Freshers

Are you struggling to find the right career in the Bio-Pharma world?
​​​​​​​Covid 19 has led to an increase in demand for professionals who can help companies innovate faster.

The Industry is a competitive field, with companies fighting over the same limited pool of talent. The need for qualified employees in this industry has led to an increase in demand for candidates who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

In a recent survey conducted during COVID 19, it was found that there are more than 5,000 open positions for professionals in this industry. There is no doubt that this number will continue to grow as new advancements in the field are made recently.

​​We are conducting this free Masterclass to help students and professionals who wish to start careers in the pharma-biotech industry.

Masterclass Hosts

  • Cheshta Sharma


  • Atashi Bhowmik

    Webinar Host