People having kean interest on Mazda RX-Vision concept’s news has also been awaiting for the production as of the RX-9. Moreover this news have many contradictory reports in relevance with its development and its yet not revealed that whether it is upcoming or not which can only be said after the news revealed in Tokyo Motor Show this year.But to give us some hope, a recent patent application has been published that hints at a new door design for a Mazda sports car, suggesting this could be used on the RX-9.
As the report file says-the design isn’t anything fancy or crazy, and it’s certainly not something we’ve never seen before. Like Mazda says in the patent application, low-slung sports cars tend to have an issue when it comes to the potential for their doors to hit curbs when opened. There’s a reason why cars like modern McLarens have fancy doors – it’s not just because some people think they look cool.

Mazda and RX-9

Mazda isn’t looking to produce a McLaren or a fancy Mercedes SLS AMG. If the RX-9 does head to production it likely won’t be an extremely expensive sports car, which means certain components can’t be expensive to produce or use.:-
In the patent application, Mazda talks about how gas struts are “relatively large-scale, heavy and expensive.” Gas struts are typically used for holding a vertically hinged door open system on it.
Another option is using a coil spring, but Mazda notes “it has substantially the same scale as the gas damper and its energizing range is difficult to expand” as which goes for the specification of the sport car.
The company’s solution is to use a torsion bar to hold the door in place which is the only motto of the company.
Rumors say the RX-9 will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October, so we still have a couple months of waiting to see if Mazda is planning on a new sports car.


From this report we come to the conclusion that- an interesting patent for something Mazda might use on a new RX-9 which shows the different structural analysis, its specification and also brings about a revolutionary move in the field of sport cars by Mazda with the new implementation on RX-9 which has yet to be revealed for its invention which can be hope by its debut on the Tokyo Motor Show in the upcoming year.