I can say this easily that everyone – each and every single person around the world would like to have a superpower. He or she would like to fly around the world or be an invisible man or have laser eyes. We have seen in many movies that there is an invisible force shield emitting from a person or an aircraft.

Bella from Twilight had the power to create an invisible force shield or the cult movie Independence Day in which there is the huge invading space ship which has the protective shield. You must have seen this in plenty of movies and wish you either had them for yourself or you had it for your vehicle.

Boeing the giant airbus maker has made this dream or wish an “almost reality”. They have developed the technology which does not exactly do as shown in the movies but it does something much similar to that.

The technology was made with military vehicles and aeroplanes in mind. This technology can be used for defense purposes and can be used on ships or for buildings as well.

 So what exactly does this do?

This invention is similar to the invisible shield and though it exactly does not repulse missiles or stops bullets right in its path. This technology developed by Boeing creates an energy wall or force which reduces the impact of any explosions.

Assume you are travelling in a car and even better with Mr.Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. Along the road when you are involved in a conversation with him a hand grenade or missile lands in the path of the car. If you had the Boeing technology for your car, then what will happen is the force shield or energy barrier will reduce the impact or effect of the explosion. The impact of the missile or grenade is strong enough to derail it. The use of this shield can reduce the impact and prevent derailing of the car.

 The Iron Man concept:

Basically, when the explosion occurs there is transmission of energy. There are sensors attached to the vehicle or plane which will detect the light emitted due to the explosion. This light is picked up by the sensor which signals the activation for an electric arc. An arc generator is part of the setup is set up in time for the impact.

The arc generator is similar to the one installed on Iron Man’s suit. Most of you must have seen the movie or at least the costume of Iron Man. The shining thing on the chest of his suit is the arc generator. So basically this heats up the air molecules with the help of a high-intensity laser.

Thorn with a thorn :

As the saying in Hindi goes “zeher ko zeher marta  hai”. The technique employed is similar.

The energy causes the formation of “laser induced plasma channel” which basically is like tackling energy with energy. This channel deflects the incoming wave of energy and can be successful in deflecting any shrapnel as well.

The technology if proven field effective will be a major step forward and can help saving many lives of brave soldiers and prevent casualties.