Biological Sequence Search

Rapid Growth In Biotechnology Space

With the rapid growth in biotechnology space, organizations are filing patents at a faster clip. Bio-sequence search involves finding a specific arrangement of sequences in the patent or non-patent document. Bio-Sequence search helps the inventors to ascertain whether the sequence is novel. Since the novelty of the sequence lies in the unique combination of nucleotides or amino acids, a keyword-based search alone cannot capture the entire data-set including all the relevant results. Even if the desired sequence has a similar name, all patents would not include the name, and thus a number of such results may be missed during the keyword-based search.

We have a team of bio-technology experts who specialize in conducting searches using such tools as – STN (Scientific Technical Networks), which is a network of more than 200 databases, BLAST (from NCBI), Marpat, etc. Over the years, we have gained in-depth understanding of the databases and developed strategies to derive quality results.

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Patent Landscape : LTE

In this report, You’ll Learn:

  • How patents are playing important role in pharma industry?
  • How top companies like Novartis, GSK etc are fighting patent war?
  • Why Indian Pharmaceutical Market is making its presence felt at International Arena?
  • Discover patent laws in pharma domain
  • How Indian Government granted its first compulsory license?
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What do we need from you?

  • Biological Sequence which includes nucleotide sequences (DNA or RNA) or amino acids sequences (peptides or proteins).
  • Your criteria such as company, commercial availability, chemical properties and more.
  • Scope of the search.

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