How do you stop your images from being stolen, and if that happens what can you do about it ?Copyright disputes are among the most difficult issues that face working photographers , and in US , registering copyright is time consuming and expensive in itself.

Binded Service

Binded is a free service that simplifies the process of registering and enforcing copyright of photographers. When you upload an image to Binded, it creates a ‘Digital Fingerprint’ which serves as a permanent record that you have copy own the ‘copyright’. That record is written to bitcoin blockchain. Binded will then monitor use of image on internet, and automatically notify the copyright holder if it detects unauthorised use.
For now, uploading an image to Binded does not count as an official government registration of copyright in the US. According to CEO Nathan Lands, that’s something that he hopes will be added to the service over time.
Previously known as Blockai, the startup has just raised an additional $950,000 in funding from investors, bringing total funding to $1.5 million.