Preventing the phone from falling down is the very difficult task in everyone’s day to day life and that becomes a great misery for the people using costliest phone “Apple iphone and ipad”. To keep people off from the worries and to make feel relaxed about that, Apple has come out with the “Device Drop Countermeasure”.

A Patent for an iOS Device Drop Countermeasure System with the patent number 9,432,492 it is an alternative drop countermeasures invention for the iPhone as well as for the iPad cover accessory. Apple has forecasted all the ideas to save the technology they manufacture and a protection from damages during a drop is designed.

The granted patent is for two protection system that consists of “The detection and rotation” the phone uses the accelerometer, gyroscopic sensor, distance or position sensors, location sensors, image sensors, sound or audio sensors which may be used as a sonar combination that detects that a phone is about to hit the ground and rotates it mid-air to prevent it from being damaged.

It detects the distance and angle from the ground when it is rapidly falling down wards. The effective working of the invention is based on the combination of the various sensors in the phone sequenced in such a way that they are activated to land on the mathematically least vulnerable part of the phone.

A simple motor which makes the phone to vibrate can propel it through the air can help changing the phone’s trajectory. Or to change its orientation a gas canister can compress the gas outside which is secured inside.
Also the device changes its angular momentum and the center of gravity to prevent from fall down.Apple users would feel auspicious for the technology and they cannot even imagine their iphone or ipad falling down, breaking screen and ejecting parts. And at the same time would feel happy for what they have paid and all that Apple made very special for customer satisfaction.

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