The USPTO has lost it again. Every now and then the EFF points out “Stupid Patents” (of the month) and the above certainly merits the title. It only got press attention because the media is obsessed with (and paid by) Apple. It’s a symptom of a problem which we also see at the EPO. So Apple has just patented a paper bag (nothing complicated about the so-called ‘invention’) and the outcome of it is bad reputation for US patents as a whole (the improvement in the software domain notwithstanding).
A company with a US patent has just reached bankruptcy and then rescued, says IAM. Days ago it claimed that “Pantech had previously assigned an issued US patent and pending application to Intellectual Discovery in November last year. Again, the latter of these was filed after Pantech’s buyout from bankruptcy.”
What is the worth of a US patent? What is the true worth of an EP (European Patent)? If silly patents on paper bags are being granted, then maybe the so-called ‘invention’ is worth even less than the paper on which such patents get printed.
“if silly patents on paperbags are being granted , then maybe the so called invention is worth even less than the paper on which such patent is printed.”