Filed in September 2015, the concession is the ability to use Apple’s Pencil, or  more generally a stylus with all the sensors of the pencil of Cupertino, with a wide range of devices, including iPhone and even the touch pad of the MacBook.

The possibility that Apple Pencil arrivals on the iPhone is not entirely new, since the same Tim Cook, last September, suggested that this event could’ve been done very soon. With the approval of the patent, this possibility is now becoming more and more concrete: is it possible that we will see them already integrated on the much-talked-iPhone 8? Hard to say now, however, returning to the patent, this suggests some future interesting applications for Apple’s Pencil.

Among these are the ability to use the pencil Apple in contexts that are much more diverse than the current ones, such as, for example, during web browsing, the composition of the texts , the reading of the email, and much more. Of course, being a patent, Apple will not go down in detail to illustrate what could be the contribution of Apple Pencil in these applications, however, it is interesting to know that the Cupertino are considering the new possibilities that can make the accessory more and more integrated in the world of iOS.