With the ongoing intellectual property war between Apple and Samsung, I can see the new hope coming. Soon after U.S court denied the Apple’s request for preliminary injunction against Samsung, Apple has showed willingness to license at least one key iOS patent to Nokia, IBM and long counter rival Samsung.

Apple has made similar patent settlement with Nokia last summer, but Apple quoted that still it was able to maintain the innovation in iPhone. Apple also initiated such talks with Samsung in November 2010 regarding scrollback feature, which governs how an iOS device visiually indicates when the user has scrolled beyond the limits of a webpage. But the talk felt apart and no licensing could occur.

I personally appreciate this patent strategy of Apple. “Playing Defensive” not always work. Companies need to look in value hierarchy and understand filing law suits is not only way to enforce patent in the competiytive space. Though Steve Jobs always favored “Thermonuclear Patent War” but I guess newly appointed patent counsel of Apple Mr. Bt Watrous is making right moves to end the worldwide patent war of Apple and Samsung.