The share of the meal-kit Blue Apron dropped after Inc filed a trademark application for prepared food kit. Blue Apron shares tumbled more than 11 percent to $6.51, a drop of nearly 35 percent since its June 29 initial public offering price of $10. The decline came as investors were concerned about its future and the impact of Amazon’s planned $13.7 billion acquisition of supermarket chain Whole Foods Market Inc amid a fast-expanding meal-kit industry.

Blue Apron, boxes, Ingredients and instruction
Blue Apron delivers boxes of pre-portioned ingredients and instructions to cook meal at home. T The meal-kit company already competes with similar startups as well as grocery delivery services offered by Amazon’s Prime service and Whole Foods Market Inc.’s partnership with Instacart Inc. While tech companies routinely file trademark applications and don’t act on them, Amazon’s move indicates it may directly compete with Blue Apron in the future.

Blue Apron share!
Blue apron became public on $ 10 a share on June 28, when Amazon announced a $ 13.7 billion offer for the whole food item. The deal tampered with groceries and increased suspicions about the possibilities of blue apron.

Amazon compete with Blue Apron
Blue Apron saves boxes of pre-parts ingredients and instructions for cooking food at home. The food-kit company already competes with similar startups, as well as competition with Amazon’s Prime Service and grocery delivery services shared with Hort Foods Inc., Inc., with Instacort Inc.. While tech companies regularly write trademark applications and do not work on them, Amazon’s move indicates it may directly compete with Blue Apron in the future.

Blue April was initially intended to go public with a valuation of $ 3.2 billion, but investors were not willing to pay as joint concerns about the competition from the Amazon – the whole of the competition. After the second biggest cut in the price of the IPO in less than five years, Blue is listed with a valuation of $ 1.9 billion. After just twelve business days, the company is less than $ 1.3 billion